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EXPERIENCE: Tour and Tasting

Nonna Tonia's Limoncello

A Unique Experience

First of all a "Lemon Tour" in the garden and then you will be revealed the "secret" recipe with which Nonna Tonia has been preparing her Limoncello for 50 years. You enter the centuries-old citrus grove, a typical Vesuvian garden and from here you will be transported back in time through the story of anecdotes and legends that surround it. Then, we will dedicate ourselves to the research and collection of the best lemons and, then we will move on to the implementation of the recipe, to the various steps of the manufacturing process, a manual and practical moment to which the participants are also invited: from the cutting of the skins to their infusion alcohol, until filtering and storage in glass bottles where the infusion will rest for weeks before being ready. I also show you where to store it, in which glasses to serve it, how to taste it, obviously using Limoncello prepared previously, and finally I compare it, "blindfolded" with other Limoncello to discover its uniqueness.

In the frame of the typical Vesuvian citrus grove 

The experience takes place in the garden of the family palace, 19th century residence, a practicable oasis of greenery and relaxation, which you certainly wouldn't expect in the city center!

You enter the entrance hall of the Palace through a portal made of "Piperno", an ancient Vesuvian lava stone which surmounts a door made of Walnut and Chestnut with, at the top, decorative iron elements. At the bottom, passing a wrought iron gate, you enter the garden ...a practicable oasis of greenery and relaxation, which, of course, you wouldn't expect in the city center! Our family fought to prevent it from becoming a skyscraper, first, a parking lot, then. The continuous production of Limoncello has become the affirmation of the family's cultural identity and environmental sensitivity.Leading the Guests, among the citrus fruits, the black earth and the lava stone walls, telling them anecdotes, fills us with pride.

Useful info

- Rate € 19.00 per person - Minimum 3 pax Maximum 12 pax   - About 2 hours  -Casual dress

In case of bad weather conditions the experience can be done in an indoor area

We provide gloves and Bilama grater to peel lemon peels, for those who want to try their hand., and everyone with drinking water, with the addition of lemon juice and Neapolitan coffee. There are chairs available in the garden. It is possible to enjoy the garden in complete relaxation even at the end of the experience,


​- Garden tour  - Limoncello processing - Limoncello tasting

- Food and Drinks not included


FEB -Day (start): 01 (H 11), 14 (H 10 e 15), 15 (H 11), 21 (H 10 e 15), 22 (H 11), 28 (H 10 e 15), 29 (H 11)

MAR-Day (start): 06 (H 10 e 15), 07 (H 11), 13 (H 10 e 15), 14 (H 11), 20 (H 10 e 15), 21 (H 11), 27 (H 10 e 15), 28 (H 11)

APR-Day (start): (H 10 e 15), 04 (H 11), 10 (H 10 e 15), 11 (H 11)


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Special offer until March 31, 2020

"Hospitality and Taste"

For all bookings of a room at the B&B "Il Giardino di Tonia" for at least 2 people with a minimum of 2 nights, the B&B issues, upon arrival, a voucher, to each guest, to have a lunch or dinner. at the "La Barchetta" restaurant / pizzeria - wood oven, on the sea - just 500 meters away from the B&B. *


Terms and Cancellation policy

- This offer is valid for stays from 12 February to 31 March 2020, it's subject to room availability, it cannot be combined with other offers on the B&B website and it's valid every day, except on Monday, the closing day of the week.

- Rates, booking methods and cancellation policies are those adopted for booking on the official website.

- Special offer is valid only for those who will book directly to B&B "Tonia's garden" without intermediaries (Booking, Airbnb, etc.).

- Payment of lunch / dinner must be paid, upon presentation of the Voucher, to the Restaurant / Pizzeria "La Barchetta which responds directly and exclusively to customers for questions relating to lunch and / or dinner

For more information and reservations contact info@ilgiardinoditonia. it

Use the form below for info & reservations

* the Voucher allows for lunch or dinner the choice between the Pizza Menu (€ 15, per person) which includes 2 courses (Neapolitan Fry, tasting of 3 types of pizza) water, glass of wine or beer or the Sea Menu (€ 25 , 00 per person) which includes 3 courses (appetizer of the fisherman, first course, second course) water, glass of wine or beer.